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Quick Hello and a Suggestion


Junior Member
Guys, thanks for the show...I love watching it, and I've been a fan since day one! Just hopped on the forum today and plan to make it one of my dailies on the web ;-)

I was thinking....I am from Ohio as well (NW Ohio) and I think that next summer you guys should put together a fly-in or fun fly. A "Flite Test Fun Fly" if you will, so that we can all get together and crash our planes. Maybe have the Hobby King and/or Horizon Hobby people on hand helping out and selling stuff. I know I'd love to make the trip over for that to hang out and meet you guys and talk to other people in the hobby that watch the show.

Side note: thanks for getting HH as a sponsor...I know I probably speak for many viewers in saying that they make RC flying a very accessible hobby to everyone, and we can't wait to see some of their stuff on the show!