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RC conversion of HiTec Hawkeye chuck glider

Hi, just thought I would post some photos on my conversion of the HiTec Hawkeye chuck glider sold by Horizon Hobby into an RC glider.

It is a simple conversion:

Top View:
I used rudder and elevator only

Front View:
I increased the dihedral to about 7 degrees on each wing

Servos are 3.7 gram servos from Hobby King. The receiver is a Hobby King 3 channel receiver. The battery was a 2S 180mAh Nanotech battery. I dremeled out spaces for the servos, batters, and receivers. The BEC is friction fitted to the already made compartment on the glider. I use little velcro pieces and tape to hold down the canopy.

A little extra note, the weight that was used to balance the stock glider was a metal ball (maybe a lead ball?) that weighed 20 grams. My electronics weighed 40 grams.

Side View:
I cut little notches in the canopy for the servos to move freely.

Another note: The canopy does come off without having to cut into the foam. It is friction fitted onto the plane. But you will need a Popsicle stick to break the weak glue and free up the canopy.

Side View of the tail:
Just showing you how I attached the control horns and secured the music wire.

Thanks for taking a look at this thread! :)

I will try to get up a video when I can.
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I did some test flights.The glider does pretty well.

It glides for about 10 seconds on flat ground with a strong toss.

I sort of wish we had hills in South Texas. :)

Edit: I think it was a tad bit nose heavy.
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