RC Plane Field Stand


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Hey every body. In the last few days I've been seeing a lot of inquires about RC plane field stands in a WhatsApp group that I'm a member of. Having created my own RC field stand out of PVC pipes as a small DIY (i need this type of project), that has multiple functionalities. I've decided to make a video to demonstrate the functionalities of the stand that I have built.

PROs of the stand:
1) it folds up into two pretty thin parts so it doesn't take much room in the car.
2) it can be used to maintain both big and small planes.
3) it can be turned into a table to service different types of models as well as being used with a a piece of wood as a workbench.

CONs of the stand:
1) it takes some time to put together and change according to desired setup, +- 5 mins.

Here is the video that I made.

If any of you want me to do a build video please just let me know :)...


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Thanks for the idea!

Schedule 80 PVC is your friend!

I built a bike rack for the bed of my truck out of PVC for $20. Everyone was telling me how it wouldn't last long.... Well... It is 12 years old now and not a crack to be found.