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RC Plane + Tree = $60 Loss

Well, this is going to be a bit embarrassing. I'm currently in high school, and do not have much time to go flying, so one morning before school I decided to head to a park a few blocks away to go flying. A few days before this incident my dad had gotten me new propellers, and I was looking forward to seeing the new speed that my planes could reach. So anyways, I went over to the park with my dad, and it was awesome. The plane I used (a homemade plane that I am still very proud of) flew faster than it ever had before. So there I am, having fun flying with my dad, when he tells me it is time to go home. I go to land the plane, flying to the end of the park before turning around to land, when disaster strikes. I misjudged the turn, and instead of turning cleanly around and getting ready to land, the plane gets stuck in a tree. Now, there aren't many trees in this park, and the place I got it stuck was the very top of the highest tree in the park. I tried to have it fly itself out, but it did not work. I came back after school with a friend of mine, and we tried to get it out using a rope to shake the branches. Unfortunately, this didn't work and I quickly realized there was no way to get it down. So yeah, that's the story of how I lost $60 worth of plane parts to a tree one morning.
Sorry for the long read, and any ideas about how to get it down would be appreciated.


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Well hello and welcome to the Forum. After checking out this video that might help would you be so kind as to introduce yourself with some basic info, where you fly, experience, etc.



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If you have access to conduit try joining the tubes end to end and from the ground keep adding sections until the plane is reachable and then push from underneath until the plane moves to a more easy to recover point in the tree.

If still not able to bring it down then try the same trick with a blade taped to the end of the conduit and cut the plane into pieces. Save the electronics and build a new plane to the same plan.

Have fun!


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I have been in your situation more times then I will admit. If you have a fishing pole around with some heavy line I cut a piece of 3/4 inch board into a tear drop shape drill a hole in the narrow end. It will take me a few times but usually I can cast it close enough or actually hit the plain and shake it down.


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I have an extendable painters pole that I use, hopefully without needing to haul out the ladder or start climbing as well, though I've done both.