rcFoamFighters F-117 v2 - Maiden Flight


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I was able to get the maiden flight of my rcFoamFighters F-117 v2 prop jet in today before the rain. Overall the plans and build were excellent and I recommend it to anyone who wants a F-117. I added a few degrees of positive reflex and it needed no additional trim changes. Currently I am getting 8 minutes of flight time with 35% battery left on the following setup. As usual, the video is two minutes of just the highlights and no music... enjoy :cool:

rcFF F-117 v2 Maiden Flight 03/03/2020 : https://youtu.be/mZSvPQfAj-g

  • Spektrum DX8 G2 Tx / AR410 Rx
  • Grayson Hobby GH2212-06 V2 Brushless 2200kv Motor
  • Turnigy nano-tech 3S 2200mAh 45C lipo
  • Plush-32 30A ESC
  • APC 6X4 EP Propeller
  • 13.86oz / 393.0g (w/o battery)
  • 20.53oz / 582.00g (flying weight)
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3 cell? Looks like it flies super stable. The decals look really good.

Thank you all.

Oops, yes it is a 3 cell battery. It is very stable and slows quite well, very pleased with the flying qualities. I have the RC Powers F-117 plans but really like the faceting on the rcFoamFighters one.

Decals are Avery mailing labels printed on an inkjet printer. I do use water slide on occasion but like the simplicity of the Avery mailing labels. The markings are just a whimsical interpretation of the military markings and my AMA number. Nothing serious, the interpretation takes all the stress out of trying to get it correct. Just for fun...


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I built one of these last year but reduced the plan size so I could fit the bottom on a single piece of foam board.
I used a 2205 motor and an 500mah 3s battery. I also came up with some higher mah 2s batteries which were the same overall size.

Either way, this flew very nicely and was a bit easier to build and fit in my space.


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great work... I have the plans... I should build it should I be "stuck" at home.