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  1. J

    I'd love to see and EDF F-117 build!

    I've seen several pusher prop designs and even one with a nose prop. But the only EDF build I've seen designs for is a solid wood model and I'd prefer a foam-board build. I did find one thread here, but it was a scratch-build without plans and I don't have the skills to design my own.
  2. J

    Were can I suggest a model I'd like to see?

    Been enjoying the videos for a while now. I've started a Corsaire and hope to build the DR1 for myself and a Sea Duck for my daughter soon. Also hoping to hot-wire a 1/2 scale Viggen from 2" Polystyrene. But what I'd really like is an EDF F-117! I found one build here where they started from a...