1. L Edge

    Exploring Readi Board for designing planes

    Running out of blue FFF, decided to see what you can adapt to make a flyable plane. The producer of the black foamboard is R L Adams in Michigan. 3 planes I am going to do are F-117, 3D acrobatic, and my version of the Sponz "Wonder". Chose black(inside is white) since I was designing a...
  2. L Edge

    Going for design of F-117 64 mm EDF version

    After completing my SR-71 and A-10 Warthog, the last is the F-117 that I am going to try to do not only with a EDF 64, but enlarge it to handle a 70mm system if it has a good flight environment. Looking at a number of RC designs, I have decided to incorporate a mixture and scale it to what I...
  3. dehager

    rcFoamFighters F-117 v2 - Maiden Flight

    I was able to get the maiden flight of my rcFoamFighters F-117 v2 prop jet in today before the rain. Overall the plans and build were excellent and I recommend it to anyone who wants a F-117. I added a few degrees of positive reflex and it needed no additional trim changes. Currently I am...
  4. Aero_Knight

    F-117 FlatHawk (Twin Engine)

    Went with a different approach with my original F-117 design. I used a larger scale and put a second motor on it for 3-4” push props. I went with elevons similar to the Flitetest F-22 instead of standard aileron elevator setup like my original. I am still tinkering with my old design but this...
  5. J

    I'd love to see and EDF F-117 build!

    I've seen several pusher prop designs and even one with a nose prop. But the only EDF build I've seen designs for is a solid wood model and I'd prefer a foam-board build. I did find one thread here, but it was a scratch-build without plans and I don't have the skills to design my own.
  6. J

    Were can I suggest a model I'd like to see?

    Been enjoying the videos for a while now. I've started a Corsaire and hope to build the DR1 for myself and a Sea Duck for my daughter soon. Also hoping to hot-wire a 1/2 scale Viggen from 2" Polystyrene. But what I'd really like is an EDF F-117! I found one build here where they started from a...