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RCgutt channel teaser - RC planes, rockets, mad Norwegians and a roll of toilet paper


Pro plane crasher
@c172ae Yes, that should be it, unless they have more than one landing strip in the area :)

(I've never been there though, I am just an amused YouTube spectator and fan )
ok, there isn't more than on airport there. it is a really nice airstrip though, I like to think of it as my second favourite airport destination. (just hope it wasn't their spitfire I once got in the wing strut while flying pattern's up there in a 172...)


Pro plane crasher
Cool! But a model in the way of your actual plane? Ouch...
it wasn't that bad really. I just noticed a little rocking in the plane straight after the T&G I was doing. My instructor notified me of it, and we decided to make a full stop landing to inspect the plane for any damage. However, the model (or, rather, what was left of it) fell off on the base-to-finale turn. There wasn't any damage to the plane, so we just took off again and continued the pattern work.

weirdly enough, there wasn't anyone at the ground when we landed...


Monkey/Bear Poker
Hey tomsun, I see on RingabuRC's facebook page that you won the video contest! Too bad that you were the only one that entered, but that is awesome!

Congrats man!