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Real Flight 8 Issues

Anyone use Real Flight 8 ? I bought it and it has definitely improved my flying. I am using the DX6 transmitter and the orange RX wireless dongle. Everything has been working great until today. Came home from work..started the "game" up and all my controls are whacked out.Tried everything from deleting the created model in my transmitter to uninstalling and reinstalling RF8. When I click "fly" on any aircraft, my control surfaces are all full to one direction Anyone else having issues? frustrating...Connected up my tiny trainer to my DX6 and its perfect. Definitely a RF8 issue as far as I can tell.
So to anyone that might be sharing this issue, I do have some resolution. I uninstalled the sim completely, deleted any folders associated with RF8. I then did a full re-install. I created a new model in my DX6 so I could add dual rates and expo later. Then I bound my DX6 to my ORX wireless dongle ( who came up with Dongle? ). I then started RF8 and let it detect my DX6, which it just sees as a gamepad. Mapped my controls and I was back flying again. Maybe if anyone else is having this issue it could help.

Happy Flying.