Questions about realflight 8


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Ok, after playing with RC7 and RC desktop I decided to bite the bullet and get Realflight 8 off from steam. I was under the impression it was a "better" designed sim with more up to date real life models and even read it had the option to use some of the newer features like flight stabilization and gps auto land features on some of the newer planes like the carbon cub and what not. I for the life of me can't figure out how you would use these, I don't even see the option anywhere in the menu system. And I don't even see any of the newer type aircrat in the hanger. I thought sure I would see some names I was familiar with from looking at models that were for sale on various hobby sites or reviews from you tube. None of them seem to be slow easy to fly "trainers" for a beginner like me.

Was I missled, or is there a place you can get different planes and add them to the program? Most of the 150 some aircrat in it are multi copters or helicoptors, not actual basic simple to fly fixed wing aircraft. I don't see where it is all that much better than RC7 to be honest. Actually RC7 is better if you are using a standard xbox controller (all I have at the moment). At least with RC7 you can bind and customize the controls so it works like a real RC transmitter. While RF8 lets you use a standard gamepad with analog sticks the customization is pretty limited. I can't even make the throttle work correctly because it defaults to center which is half throttle.

I will give it points for having better graphics while still having really high frame rates though. And the quad copters work better in it with some having stabilization and return to home optioins. However I really wasn't looking for a drone simulator. I could probably figure one of those out on my own in my back yard or a nice open park without destroying one.

If I could find a way to add some more modern trainers or easier to fly simply aircraft I might spring for a real transmiter to pair with it. I would really like to use it to test and practice with an actual plane I would buy in real life. All I have learned from it so far is I am scared to death to buy a real plane becaues my failure rate on this thing is about 99.9 percent lol.

It will probably be a while before I can afford a real one anyway after doing some research and finding out a few things today. For starter I have a local field near me, but you have to join their club which is 52 dollars a year ( not a bad price actually). But you also have to have an AMA license or whatever, which is another 20 bucks. Then you have to train with someone in the club, then pass a flight test before you are allowed to actually fly on the field on your own. Again, not a bad idea when you think about it. But most of all I just found out today I have a cracked tooth with a serious infection and it is going to cost me 400 bucks to have it extracted! That is the money I was going to spend on a new plane lol.

Anyone hear have any experience with the Realflight 8 simulator that could help me out?