Redcon DM6F


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Way back when before i knew what i was doing (still don't know much) anyhow i was suckered into buying a JR xg6 from my local hobby shop. Just really looking to buy more receivers i instantly knew why these guys gave me a screaming deal on my radio.
I just recently received a couple of Redcon DM6F receivers that are supposed to be dmss and compatible with my transmitter. I took rhe proper steps to bind them and even got a "bind successful" message on my transmitter. After that occurs the receiver stops blinking and the led goes dark, and nothing happens after that. I repeated the process a couple of times and read through my transmitters manual. It's pretty cut and clean.
I can't figure out what's up, anyone else have experience with these receivers?


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Sorry, no experience with the JR radios - there are a couple youtube videos for this radio, perhaps one of them will cover binding. I've also seen some mention of performing firmware updates on these radios - might need that too