Replacement LED controller for the Night Radian. Complete control of the LED patterns from your radio, and more!


WWI Flying Ace
night radian rc led module.png

I'm one of you, an avid RC enthusiast that enjoys flying model planes and quads, and I own a Night Radian. My new FT Night Radian LED Controller is designed to replace the original LED sequencer that came preinstalled in the FT Night Radian. The original controller was good, but all the LED strings were treated exactly the same. This new LED Controller addresses each string individually, left wing, right wing, nose, fuselage, and tail. This means more extravagant light shows, as well as lighting up parts of the plane differently. It also will allow you to switch between several new user-selectable LED “shows” right from your transmitter. This LED controller gives you the option of enabling navigation lights on your model for easier orientation when flying in low light or nighttime conditions. This mode turns the wingtips red and green, and also strobes the wingtips white, mimicking full-scale aircraft navigation lights. Bonus, it also includes an altitude sensor that will indicate how high the model is flying above ground level (AGL) by lighting up more wing LEDs as your altitude increases. Seriously, check it out at

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