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Repurpose Comercial toys


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you might want to try these parts:
being that it is a two channel plane (power/no power, left/right), all your control is done through those two motors, but I doubt there is a receiver that has 2 brushed ESCs, and no built in servos or ports. So, you will probably have to wire the motors in parallel, and cut out two elevons (on the black portion of the tail). The only reason I think you should make it a 3 ch with elevons, is that these little 2 channel planes are PERFECTLY balanced so they don't climb, or fall. They just barely fly around right at the ground effect point. With this in mind, you will need an elevatoR (elevons do both roll, aileron, and pitch, elevator) Because this balance and/or overall weight will almost definitely change with the new parts, and you will need something to control the plane in the height axis, that is no longer balanced. You will need some sort of pushrods:
You can make some tiny control horns out of a credit card for the elevator and rudder, so the rods have a place to attach on both the elevons..

Also, beware that you WILL need a programmable radio to do the elevon mixing.

I wrote this entire thingy without even asking: Do you know what broke? If it's the airframe, and you need something to do with the working electronics, never mind. :p
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I think the OP was looking for something the other way around . . . the airframe is smashed and electronics are to be resalvaged.


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Hmmm . . . that's a toughy. that frame is VERY light, and the way the controls work you'll nose up/down with throttle might make mounting the electronics critical. hmmm . . . pusher too, which might work against keeping balance . . .

Might I suggest something like this:


anything like this should do. build it to stock and fly it and if she flies ok, find the balance point front to back and mark it. Then when you go to mount the electronics, mount the motors so the props are just behind the wing. once everything is mounted, add just enough weight as far forward on the nose as you can, to move that balance point back to the place you've marked.

**BE PREPARED to build several** there's a good chance it will fly horid the first time you launch it. It's all a part of the process. Look at what it did, and go back and adjust/repair and fly again -- if you're not sure how to adjust it, we can help you. a pic or two and a description of what it did can go a long way.

Oh, and it will break . . . but if you build it, you can repair it, and when it gets so bad you can't repair it, you can build another :)
I would try building something out of dollar foam. Reuse the wheels and electronics. Copy the airframe as closely as possible. You should be able to get it close enough to get it off the ground and adjust the balance from there.