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Hi all I’d love to see this become a reality. Unfortunately for me and my buddies, the field we fly in has a few large trees. Every now and then I find my self rescuing a plane or model rocket from one of them. I’d love to see a drone equipped with a detachable winch that could be used to hook on to the plane or rocket. Why detachable? Don’t want to lose the drone in the tree while on a rescue mission. This way of the hook or cable be comes stuck it can be released and the drone retuned safely.
Let me know what you all think.


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RC test flight tried to do something like that and it doesn't work as well as you might expect. (I can't quickly find the video)

But basically the arm/other to try to grab the stuck object feeds forces back to the drone and will wind up your I term and cause problems. Drones don't like resistance like that.


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... equipped with a detachable winch...
Why a winch?
Use a detachable line instead, hook what you want then just fly higher.
Instead of a hook, I'd use the quad to carry a light weight line over the branch in question. Land the quad and use the line to pullup a suitable rope. Then shake the branch with the rope.