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Return to home failsafe for planes

Hey guys, hopin to find some answers and recommendations. Looking for a return to home failsafe system for my rc plane. Any suggestions? Good or bad Experiences? Flying futaba t6k and futaba rx.
thnx for the help


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Only $51. It looks like an absolute steal. I ordered one, so I hope it works!


Note that it only mentions quadcopters, though the picture shows a V-tail switch and the other switches are marked ailerons, elevator, etc., so it might work with aeroplanes. The picture shows an E7S. According to the Microzone website, it's for a fixed wing plane. maybe there are different software versions, and maybe they can be changed by a firmware flash, or maybe they're all the same.


This Ebay one says both fixed wing and quadcopter:

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A Matek F405 or F411 Wing flight controller running iNav, specifically designed for fixed wing, fairly easy to set up, I have one in my wing and it is perfect.

Generally any F3 or F4 quad flight controller can be used but they often require a lot of fiddling to setup, so when one dedicated to fixed wing is only a few quid more, why bother?