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Returning to the hobby


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Dad got us started with models somewhere near 50 years ago with control line. The first plane I remember flying was a plastic Cox low wing with a (built-in)spring-start .049, though Dad had previously built and flown a .25 powered balsa, silk and dope plane while on an extended business trip. A little later we built and flew a balsa (dope finished) profile .049 biplane. About 35 years ago while in Air Force tech school I bought a used Lanier Comet ARF with K&B .61 and shortly after bought a partly assembled Heliboy. Not long after that I crashed the Comet due to mechanical (flexible hinge) failure and inexperience using rudder along with ail/el control and bought a Headmaster Sport 40 kit (still in the box now). For the past 30 years I've been inactive until I bought an SJRC F11 drone. I am now planning to build the FT Simple Cub to get back in before building and flying the Headmaster. The Heliboy also needs work before firing it up again.


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Welcome to the family!

I got my start with .049 control line planes with my dad too. My first was the classic plastic Cox PT-19 with the wing held on with rubber bands. Next came a .049 kit called the Lil Wizard which had a wing that was one solid piece of balsa and the engine was on a plastic firewall that would rubber band to the fuselage.

My last plane was a .049 Lil Stuntin Ringmaster, I got pretty good at wingovers with that plane.


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On second thought, Dad's first plane may have had a .15, not a .25. Perhaps by the end of the week the snow will be melted enough for me to get through to take a look. I haven't actually seen it for maybe 10 years, though I know where to find it.