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RockyBoy's Workbench, Builds, Designs, Hangar Queens and Failures


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*** Super helpful forum threads ***

Balsa Kit Manufacturers - Let me help you find the perfect kit! :love:

So you want to build your first Balsa Plane? by @Joker 53150 :geek:

How to Design DTFB Planes by @nerdnic (y)

FT Style CAD Templates by @localfiend :geek:

Making Drawings and Skins with Inkscape by @JimCR120 :D

Rasterize Skin Index of amazing plane skins! :love:

Which Transmitter Should You Buy? by @JimCR120 :unsure:

Sample OpenTX / Taranis Setups for Planes and Quads :geek:

*** Now on to the project pile... ****

Here's my listing of Projects in Progress, ToDo list, and Already Done That archive. I find this type of listing essential when I want to update an old project with new info, remember what all I have hidden in the workshop, to plan my next project, and to avoid accidentally buying a second kit of one I already have. It's also fun to have a log of how I've progressed and what I've been up to. Helps me keep motivation up when a maiden flight comes home in a bag. :oops:

The Workshop Fridge


Forum Challenges I'm Currently Participating In:

2019 RC Resolutions

2020 Classic to Modern Forum Challenge

2019 Fall Balsa Build Along

Works In Progress target = 2
Speedy Bee conversion from balsa to DTFB for the 2020 FTFC Classic to Modern challenge​
Monster Focke-Wulf FW-42 another Team Rockyboy effort and with a 106" (or 2.7m or 2700mm or 8'-8") wingspan it is by far the biggest build I've attempted :cool: Just need to balance and figure out battery installation before the maiden flight!​
Ready for Maiden Flight target =<3
All Star Bipe remaiden with new aileron wing​
Balsa Cuda remaiden after fuselage repairs​
Barnstormer 250 kitted by Willy Nillies - a new kit cutter on the scene in 2019!​
Psyborg's Caudron was gifted to me at Flite Fest to finish up, and just needed electronics and control surfaces installed and setup. All ready for a maiden flight now - will go up the same day as the Monster FW-42.​
Scratch & Kit Build Pile (Clutter behind the bench) target = current list +1
Grouped loosely by manufacturer or project type, these are all kits I have hidden somewhere in the workshop. Yes, I recognize I might have a balsa addiction - I refuse to consider this a problem until I run out of storage space! :p
--** Balsa 'Crunchies' Kits **--
Willy Nillie's GLH for my club's build-along & pylon racing​
Willy Nillie's Barnstormer Biplane - well, I'm going to make it into a biplane anyway :D
Bridi Tercel 50.5" grenade launched glider - no kidding, that's exactly what's printed on the box! :p I hadn't heard that term before, but upon some research it was another name for the "javelin launch" or overhand throw as opposed to a discuss launch glider.​
Paper Tiger a 1969 designed 60" pattern trainer from the club auction for $60 - a little bit of competition for this one - haven't found any online info about this design yet but the kit is... different. The plans aren't printed at full scale, but in the box are pre-printed full size cardboard templates for parts!​
Babe e'Moth picked up at the club auction for only $10! This is the smaller size companion to the one I already have.​
Telemaster 40 acquired at the club auction for $40 - one wing panel framed up and I hope the rest of the kit is in the box. It's been unpacked and won't close back up anymore.​
Bud Nosen Champion Citabria from an estate sale. Not usually a fan of the civil "cub" style planes, but this was a deal I couldn't pass up!​
Lazy Bee by Clancy Aviation - the 40" wingspan kit, although I might extend it to the 48" wingspan length anyway, needs research​
Speedy Bee by Clancy Aviation that I just couldn't pass up​
Fly Baby kitted by Davey Systems and designed in 1969 qualifying for VRCS Nostalgia Concours​
Leisure Playboy for the nostalgia factor - the Playboy design first came out in 1939 and was kitted by Cleveland Models in the 1940's. The Leisure kit I have is a scaled version of those designs and was first produced by Leisure in 1981, which fits into the Nostalgia classification and open category for VCRS​
Turbo Bee by Clancy Aviation 'cause that's just what happens when I browse the classifieds in a moment of boredom​
Stick 600 by Radical RC. Someone on the forum suggest one as a beginner kit, I wasn't sure if the instructions would be good for a noob builder. I must have blacked out for a moment because a few minutes later I received an email receipt for ordering one! No idea how that happened! :p
Polikarpov I-16 Rata cut by Manzano Laser Works from 2018 TCCSS​
Fokker D.VIII from plans and partially cut parts from an estate sale at AMA Expo East. The plans say they were designed in 1942 and the box looks like it contains most of the ribs cut out, and the landing gear wire bent, and a bunch of other random balsa pieces that might be helpful too. Qualifies for VCRS Pioneer category!​
Reflex .25 delta by Aspect Aviation from the club auction - kit looks complete and in great shape​
Fokker D.VII kitted by Dare/Brodak cause I need to see what all the fuss over Pat Tritle designs is about.​
Retro e'Moth by RetroRC - I had my eye on this for nearly a year before it came back in stock Jan17.​
Bristol M1 kit by Balsa USA from a guy on RC Groups. Should be a fun WW1 scale project!​
Phaeton II 40 sized biplane kit by Balsa USA - the kit has some years on her, lots of yellowing of the plans.​
Nomad kitted by House of Balsa for a nice powered glider. Designed by Ted Strader in 1961 which qualifies for VCRS Classic Concurs​
Dandy Sport by Mountain Models looks like a fun lazy flyer​
Firestorm by Mountain Models planning this to be my first go at installing retracts​
EVA Bipe by Mountain Models cause I love the EVA Sport and really want to try another coloring scheme on it​
Round2It Glider by Mountain Models - I don't have any glider experience yet, but it looks fun!​
Lucky ACE as an Ugly Stick style kit from Mountain Models that will replace my Easy Stick ARF. Thinking I'll bash it into a semi-scale Pfalz E1​
Droplet an unusual looking indoor model from Mountain Models.​
4 Charlie by Stevens Aero cause it's a beautiful elegant design that Bill says is a dream to fly - he said so at AMA East :)
Dystraction by Steve's Aeromodel a really cool looking discontinued park sized pattern plane.​
e-spresso micro pattern kit by Steve's Aeromodel from the club auction​
FREDe 600 by Steven's Aeromodel for some big slow flying balsa action.​
Gym Ripper by Steven's Aeromodel - gorgeous design from one of the early Balsa Builder Subscription.​
Ricci Tri-plane by Steven's Aeromodel - lovely gift in the 2015 Crash Cast Secret Santa gift exchange.​
LiddleRod by Stevens Aeromodel - a lovely birthday present from the family.​
1909 Demoiselle by Steven's Aeromodel - another lovely birthday present from the family. Really love the look of this model!​
Arrow by Guillow's cause I'm a weak, weak man in the hobby store and thought 'gee, it's been 30 years since I made a rubber power free flight model'.​
Edge 540 by Guillow's that followed me home from the club's holiday party!​
P-40 Warhawk by Guillow's kit from the collection of Michael 'Crash' Hancock. I built a similar one back in the 80's and remember it didn't fly well at all, so this just might be built as a display model.​
--** Foamies Kits **--
FT P-40 "Rasterized" I have a printed FliteSkinz, and Stephen is working on another skins set for a North Africa campaign desert cammo that I think I'll build at the same time. :D
FT Goblin with modified stabilizers for streamer combat - foam is cut, ready for assembly​
Nifty Norman one of Laine's Planes great designs (the 49" EPP one), and a gift from friends who were able to attend FFO2018 when I wasn't. Thanks @wilmracer and @willsonman ! :D
Paper Airplane by Sawn Craft - Planning on some airbrush / marker practice on this one to make it look like a folded sheet of school paper with doodles on it.​
FT Legacy from the Edgewater Airpark kickstarter campaign​
FT Storch picked up at Flite Fest East 17.​
FT SE-5 cause there was a sale and I have poor impulse control.​
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--** Restorations & Conversions (Hanging from the rafters) **--

These are airframes I've picked up from swap meets or the trash can at the field, and absolutely want to rebuild, refit, and restore them to flying condition.​
Quaker an 84" slow flier that I think was built from the 1975 Dave Mathis version of the original 1936 Quaker free flight design. I'll be electrocuting her of course, and looking forward to having a giant scale plane back in the hanger again.​
Mystery 3D Ugliest Plane - seriously ugly, but could be a good 3D trainer with a hot enough motor.​
Gee Bee R3 fantasy racer inspired by the Gee Bee golden age pylon planes. I have a fuselage and right wing panel from a 60" wingspan ARF I picked up for $20. Need to get a set of Giant Scale R3 plans scaled down to match the parts I have and then build the rest of the plane. Going to be an interesting project and lots of new skills for me doing the wheel pants and struts!​
Spinster DLG I was lucky enough to get serial number 001 by pre-ordering before FFE17. Sadly the wing wasn't evenly supported in storage and it warped badly. Wasn't able to straighten it out, and after a couple throws I'm retiring this one. Keeping the fuselage and will build / acquire a new DLG wing to get this back in the air.​
--** Plans in Tubes **--

ACE RC Guppy powered glider - I had an extra ACE wing all covered and ready to go from the All Star build, so let's put it on a fuselage!​
Macchi M.16 designed by Peter Rake from the plans published in the February 2019 Flying Scale Models magazine​
Ansaldo A1 Balilla from plans by Cleveland Model Airplane Plans for the Ansaldo SVA 5. The Balilla is a beautiful plane, but not a common kit - I've only found a 1/10 scale 37" kit designed by Peter Rake and sold through Manzano Laser Works. I'm building it a little bigger in 1/8 scale with a 46" wing span - bigger does fly better after all. While the full scale A1 is based on the SVA 5 with a larger lower wing and all new truss design, the plans from Cleveland model are just enlarged versions of 11" wing span rubber powered model plans - so the outline is the important part.​
Taube from Balsa USA 40 sized plans​
Howard Pete from a set of plans that I need to look at again to check the lineage​
1929 Vellie Monocoupe plans from Flyline Models. The plans are for a free flight design, and I'm not sure if I want to stay true to that or go for a mini-RC setup.​
Great Planes PT-40 I built one of these from a kit in the mid 80's as my first radio control airplane (stepping up from free flight and control line). I'll be doing an electric this time instead of the OS 42.​
Ford Flivver at 1/5 scale​

I picked up a big roll of plans from an estate sale in July 2019 and did a quick 1st pass at sorting them all out.

120 Sized motors
Sablatnig KE-1 1995 scale WW1 mid wing monoplane​
Starduster Too 72" biplane​
Stinger mid wing monoplane​
25 Sized Motors
Terrier 58"ws 25 motor low wing sport​
Gypsy Moth de Havilind biplane 40ish ws​
Cool Cat low wing sport​
Simple T-Craft high wing trainer​
15 Sized Motors​
Bernard Type 74c1 low wing golden era monoplane with bubble cowl​
1/2A Cox .049 Pylon Racers
GLH II but plan is 1/2 size​
Mach None (long skinny plan)​
Pacer 1974​
Peter Rake Electric Plans circa 2000 - 2006
Spad XIII biplane 2004​
FE8 mid pusher engine twin boom biplane 2006​
Huntington H.12 mid wing monoplane golden era look​
Waco SRE biplane​
1913 Ponnier mid wing German monoplane​
Sopwith Dolphin biplane abt 37" ws​
Tiger Moth biplane 39" ws​
Other Electric Designs
1916 Sopwith Bee biplane abt 27"ws (close to this plan, but bigger)​
Hawker Fury Mk1 biplane 36" upper 31" lower ws (close to this plan, but bigger)​
DH Venom Mk 4 twin boom pusher wingtip tanks WW2 36"​

--** Other Projects & Design Ideas I'll get to Someday**--

Polikarpov I-153 Chaika early WW2 biplane - it's got great golden age proportions and that cool gull wing look. Flying Scale Models printed a set of plans for the I-152 in the May 2018 issue that could be a good jumping off place for this.​
Staaken Z-1 Flitzer by Pat Trittle - as a true 1/4 scale plane it qualifies for the big bird meets at less than a 5' wingspan :D
Polikarpov PO-2 the more I learn about the Russian Night Witches the more I really want to do a nicely detailed version of their biplane bomber​
Combat Tiny Canard for my first attempt at a coroplast plane. I had so much fun with @Hai-Lee's Tiny Trainer Canard design in the combats at FFE17!​
Arduino Controlled Thrust Stand more fun to build than buy one of these​
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The Active Flying Hanger

Here are the build logs for the various planes & RC electronics I've built from kit, scratch, plans, restored, or modified ARF's that are still with me in working order. Most recent projects at top of each section.

Balsa Outdoor Aircraft:

ACE All Star Bipe for some vintage 1972 ACE foam wing biplane goodness!​
Nu-Bee2 an ARC of the Newbee designed by Adrian Page in Jan 2000 with inspiration from Clancy Aviation's Speedy Bee.​
Firefeather from J&H Aerospace for fun small field gliding and motoring around!​
Gee Bee Dreamer 40 biplane kit from the club auction. VRCS Nostalgia class 1972​
Whatchamacallit from the hanger of our departed friend Crash Hancock, I finished the build of a strange balsa wing- it's a great flyer :love:
Mini-Telemaster built as part of a kit-bashing group with my local RC club, built as a Super-STOL. VCRS Nostalgia class 1968.​
26" Balsa Cuda by Laine's Planes - fast forward swept wing​
EVA Sport from Mountain Models for the FT2016 Winter Balsa Build Along.​
Mini Drake flying boat by Zeke's Parkflyers - flys really well off dewy grass too​
Foamies & DTFB Outdoor Aircraft:
Bloody P-40 XL for streamer combat​
FT Simple Scout w/ Floats I smashed up my first one in streamer combat, had to make another!​
T-28a Fennec starting with the discontinued T-28 1.1m Eflite kit I turned it into a T-28a Fennec.​
UMX Timber to KitFox Conversion just cause I hate to leave an ARF alone​
Mini Focke-Wulf FW-42 for the Flite Test Forum 2018 WWII Challenge - still have a pair of these in flying condition​
UMX Radian picked up from RC Groups needing minor repairs and custom paint for orientation​
26" EPP Cuda by Laine's Planes - with a screamer motor! Loudest electric at the field by far!​
FPVWRA Spec Race Wing setup for FPV of course - flies on rails.​
FT Mini Arrow for my first FPV wing.​
Tiny Canard reconstruction of my Tiny Trainer using plan by Hai-Lee. Flew in combat at FFE17 with streamers​
The Italian Job skin design on Sponz' Baby Brit plane using an excellent skin designed by Rasterize! Graphics design based on Maggiore Francesco Baracca's Spad S.VII - Italy's highest ranking ACE of WWI at 34 victories. This little Italian Ace was great fun at FTFF 2016 combat!​
Lothar von Richtofen's Baby Baron again using an excellent skin designed by Rasterize based on Lothar von Richtofen's Fokker DR.1. He was the little brother of the famous Red Baron, Manfred von Richtofen, and racked up 40 credited victories to his older brother's 80 victories.​
Das Little Stick a great little 2s flyer​
Indoor (or very calm air) 1S Aircraft:

Pacemaker by Steven's Aeromodel - lovely xmas present from my family for the 2017 FT Forum Fall Balsa Build​
microMAX 103 by Steven's Aeromodel - a nicely designed and great flying zoomy little balsa indoor flyer.​
Diddle Bug Steven's Aeromodel kit - very easy build, and excellent slow flyer!​
Little Bug Steven's Aeromodel kit - excellent flyer!​
re-Run Steven's Aeromodel chuck glider to RC conversion - only took 4 trips back home in a bag before I got it flying great!​
Flying Flea el-cheapo Bangood kit I built for the FT Forums 2015 Scale Building contest - won 1st place in the kit category!​


Tiny Whoover in brilliant hot pink so it doesn't get lost. :cool:
FT Gremlin Need to ship it off to Psyborg for tuning help cause quads ain't my forte.​
NB98 Micro Quad cause I wanted a whoop with a little more grunt.​
Cockroach that started as an Inductrix FPV but I've painted the canopy twice, replaced the frame, the motors, the props, and the battery connector so it pretty much counts as a kit build by now, right? Only the flight controller and camera are original still :)
FT ElectroHub Tri-copter Love the way this flies! :D Built with an old school' KK2.1 board and 9" props. The design elements may be dated, but she still comes out to fly every year and handles great!​
Electronics and Other RC Related Projects:

Dual Transmitter Case by Radical RC so I can haul my primary transmitter and a buddy box unit in style :cool: She's a beauty! :love:
Hotwire Cutter and Power Supply which has been an interesting learning experience. After spending $60 on transformers and dimmers to have a variable power supply, it died after just a couple weeks of light use. So I turned to LiPo batteries for power. Starting with a 3s2200 I test each bow/wire combination to see if it gets hot enough to cut foam. I have one bow that likes the 3s, one that works best on a 4s, and when I borrowed a long bow from my buddy Carl I learned his works best with a 6s that is not at full charge. So who needs an adjustable power supply? Not me! :D A foot switch with XT60 connectors would be handy though...​
Lowrider CNC Really happy with how it performs! Next up - cutting MDF & light ply with a router on this little monster...​
Taranis X9D+ I love this radio! I've done a custom paint job, added switches, replaced knobs, am planning to replace gimbals sometime this summer. :applause:​
Taranis X9D Single Stick Conversion I picked up a cheap Taranis X9D, a hall effect single stick gimbal, and an aluminum enclosure to build a very custom transmitter. The laser cut wood prototype works great. Once I get a home milling/CNC solution worked out I'll finish up the aluminum case for this.​
FrSky QX-7 Transmitter a great radio that I highly recommend to someone who likes to tinker and is getting into the hobby. Of course I installed the charging port mod and changed the sticks on it. I have all my outdoor multi-rotors bound to this one, and it's setup as a buddy box trainer with my main Taranis XD9+​
DSM2/DSMX Spektrum Radio Module built several of these for my Taranis and some kits to share. With this and a few other radio modules in the case, I can now use FrSky, Spektrum DSM2/DSMX, FlySky, Cheerson, and Hubsan protocols all with my one transmitter.​
Wireless Buddy Box For about $15 I can now let any Spektrum DSM2/DSMX compatible transmitter bind up as a trainer radio​
Charging Box Inspired by another build on the forum, I put together a 12 amp hour field charging box for cheap.​

The RTF Hangar & Gear Box

Here are the various RTF's, ARF's, BNF's, or pre-assembled aircraft and equipment pieces that are still in my hanger, but I haven't done much with other than fly 'em. My goal is to get this list smaller while getting the lists above this longer. :cool:
Mini-Vapor(s) have a pair of these for slow flying indoor fun​
Inductrix FPV Plus that I won in a raffle at a club auction. It flys nicely, but I haven't put too much time on it yet.​
GB90 Caged Micro Quad picked this up in the fall of 2017 on a $75 sale. In theory, just needed to toss in a receiver and configure it. Turns out the BEC it shipped with only passed 2v to the board, so I had to troubleshoot and replace that too. It seems to fly fine, and if I get bored with it I'll use the motors and PDB to build a micro B-17 bomber.​
Eachine Wizard 220 I picked up one of these based on the price & reviews. Great starter race quad! I replaced the camera/VTX with a Runcam Swift and a TB Unity TX. Still can't fly quads for crap, but that's a pilot problem - not equipment failure.​
FrSky X-Lite Transmitter is a really neat form factor radio that I couldn't resist. It takes a little getting used to the control knob for getting around the menus, but it's a lot of fun. I have the MPM Lite radio module and have bound it to my UMX Radian, and some indoor flyers, planks and multi-rotors. The small size and ease of carrying spare batteries makes it a great choice to haul to indoor venues or on vacation.​
ISDT Q6 Plus Charger is my favorite at the moment. I am up to three of these, and commonly use a 3s/4s parallel charging board on one of them for the lower mAh batteries.​
Bat-Safe Battery Charging Box that I use anytime I'm charging or discharging in my house. I'll get lazy and skip it when charging in my workshop and I'm standing right over the charger, but if I'm going to walk away from a battery getting juiced up, it goes into this first.​
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The Boneyard

For one reason or another, these planes are no longer with me on the active duty list. Most recent to leave me up top.

FT Baby Blender I picked up at Flite Fest East 17. Touchy little beastie - not having great luck with landing on this one, but she's fun to fly! Gifted to a teenaged new club member.​
Wanderer 72 Glider a restored auction pick. VRCS Nostalgia class 1975. Sold at auction to make room for more building.​
Easy Stick 25 ARF This was my first ARF build. A favorite flyer, especially for windy days. Sold at auction to make room for more building.​
Bobcat 2m Balsa Glider Estate find - flew OK a couple times. Sold at auction to make room for more building.​
FT Spitfire at my club's RC auction there was a fully painted FT Spitfire that even had 3 servos with wire extensions strung in the plane, but the servos weren't glued in and the rest of the electronics had never been finished. And I stole it for $8. She handle beautifully - now I know why everyone raves about these! After two years of flying occasionally, I gave it to a middle school aged new club member who is almost ready to move up from his Tiny Trainer. Makes room in my shop for a FT P-40! :D
Elder 60 mono-wing picked up from a local modeler whose attic/garage/basement was too full. It was a scratch build originally - it looked a lot like an Elder 40 but was 16" bigger on the wingspan. My first giant scale plane. She's was a pussy cat and a joy to watch in the air! I replaced the brittle old Monocoat covering with fabric Oratex and gave her a pretty fresh paint job - my first time using an automotive detail spray gun. She won second place in my club's Giant Scale Fly in for crowd favorite, and then the wings clapped in the air and down she went into a many little pieces on the slopes of Mt. Trashmore. Snoopy is still missing in hostile territory. :cry:
Eluminator by RC Foam Kits. Picked up a receiver ready one at Flite Fest 2016 for night flying. Once I calibrated the ESC and got some trimming help from HildaFlyer this was rock solid and tons of fun! I loved this quick little beastie! :love: This was one of my go-to planks for getting my thumbs warmed up. Handles a high velocity vertical trajectory landing well too. :sneaky: Sadly she met her end in a full speed head on collision with a Bloody Baron in streamer combat at my club. Explosion of foam and battery flying over 40 feet from the crash site! :ROFLMAO:
Parkzone Albatross from a local clearing out room in his workshop. She's a bit rough in appearance - several wing repairs and some nose wrinkling, but she flies well - just need to keep the power up on landing to set her down gently. Does some very interesting crabbing/weather-vaneing in cross winds. Sent home with forum member @foamtest to enjoy - and creates room to hang another plane for me! :D
FT Simple Scout w/ Floats As part of a build night with 7 other club members, I put together the main airframe for this while helping others with FT Mini Arrows and Scouts and played with some spray paint to make it look like my Baby Italian inspired by Maggiore Francesco Baracca's Spad S.VII Great flying airplane, but I got a little distracted during the streamer combat and plowed it into the ground. The wing survived in good shape and was rebuilt into another Simple Scout just like the first! :D

Caudron C.460 swappable DTFB style for the 2017 Flite Fest International Air Races! My first time DTFB design - v1, v2, & v3 all flew - some better than others, although they met rough ends. v4 was the best flying of the bunch! Also, check out @DamoRC, @wilmracer, and @PsyBorg builds of this design! :applause:​
250 Clearance Quad quite possibly the cheapest 250 assembled in recent history. Frame with PDB was $7 on clearance, and the Black Widow motors with built in ESC's were also clearance at $6 each, and a stack of clearance prop sets at $1.42 each. Combined with an $11 flight controller, and finishing touches from the junk drawer, I'm in the air for just over $43! Cheap fun and experience with the 250 class, and my first Cleanflight based controller. Eventually sent to a forum member who was having some struggles getting a quad in the air - last I heard it was ripping around a field in Texas.​
Little Bogie picked this one up from a friend who is downsizing his hangar. Beautifully built and covered in translucent green with a white pylon. Flies great in very low wind conditions. Sold to friend in the club to make room on my wall.​
HyperBipe by HobbyKing this was another auction find, and I absolutely loved this one! This was my first 3-cell plane and it flew great - lots of control authority and power to spare - almost too much for my skill level at the time. Lots of fun, but needed room in the hanger for more builds, so she went to the auction. I wasn't paying attention when she sold, so she went for $60... I probably would have bought her back at that price if I was on the ball :confused:
Sopwith Pup another auction pick. The one I had was an earlier model than the linked one - I haven't found the stats for my exact version. It had a brushed motor and gearbox which sounded really rough. It didn't look like it was missing teeth, but something really nasty was happening in there when the prop turned. Converted to a modern brushless motor - Hurc 300 Blue Wonder - but burned up the ESC before it even took off on the 1st maiden attempt. Second maiden with a fresh ESC and dead calm morning - and she was amazing! Very slow flyer, a walking pace really, graceful and stately in the air. I really liked her, but again I needed the space in the hanger so she went to the annual auction to find a new home.​
Hyperion Enigma ARF I got from turbojoe here on the forums. Looked like a fun plane, and helped him clear out some space in the spare bedroom. It rolled left on maiden takeoff at the far end of the field, and I lost orientation trying to recover. It ended up in a tree about than 30' high - I know the height because we were able to knock it down with a 30' pole at full extension. After minor repairs I went back for a second maiden attempt, and she was basically gutless - barely made it around for a single circuit and landed. Prop was installed the right way around, so I did a quick web search and realized I was on a prop that was way too small for this plane. Not sure how I ended up with a 9x4.7 installed when she needs an 11x3.8. :confused: But after putting on a bigger prop, she handled great! She was lots of fun to fly, but I also needed more room in the hanger so she went to the auction and a new home.​
Caudron C.460 prototypes v1, v2, v3, and the final v4 that flew in the race at Flite Fest 2017. They all flew, and for various reasons - mostly dumb thumb errors - they have all been smashed beyond repair and had their guts implanted into something else. Developing a new design requires some sacrifices, as does learning to fly pylon racers. :p
Das Mini Guinea Pig for my first twin. I used the tail shape and wing scallops from the Baby Baron to convert the Mini Guinea into a WWI inspired warbird! She was pretty underpowered with a couple of el-cheapo $7 motors and tri-blade props, but looked great! Ended up going to the auction and a new home to make room for new project.​
Banana Bugatti I was bit by the Baby Bugatti bug and had to build one while snowed in for a day. Flew really fast after two rough launch attempts, but was lost in the trees on maiden flight. It came back to me at a club meeting after spending 3 months in the field - someone else found it when searching for their own gear. All the electronics were fine but the airframe was a dirty, trashed pile of foam and leaves :black_eyed:​
Micro FT_Flyer fun to build and cram everything into a small space. Very twitchy to fly. I tore out the guts, and eventually sent them all off to a 'Team Rockyboy' sponsored pilot to use in a MM Mercur-E for his first balsa build. :)
L-4 Grasshopper by eFlite I picked up at local auction. For me, not a great flyer. Hand launched due to rough field and it couldn't pick up airspeed fast enough - crashed 15 feet out. Took it to a hard top runway and had two more crashes attempting to take off. The recommended motor/prop combination just doesn't seem to have the power to get it off the ground, and I ran out of props trying to get a flight over 10 feet from a rolling takeoff. After replacing the cowling and landing gear I broke, it was delivered to my father in law who crewed on one in Vietnam - it'll hang from the ceiling in his bar and look pretty.​
Yak-54 by Art-Tech from an auction. This was a discontinued model that used a brushless inrunner with a gearbox. It flew great and was very forgiving, but had less power than the HyperBipe on the same 3 cell battery. It become my 'go-to' flyer for a summer and spent a lot of time airborne after I crashed whatever else I brought to the field. In spite of continual landing nose overs on the rough field, she was still in good flying shape when I sold her at swap meet to make room in the hanger.​
Seawind by GreatPlanes / Electrifly - another auction purchase, and a cursed plane. I had it up in the air five times, and had two rough crashes from equipment failure, and two 'stranded in the middle of the pond' experiences for my troubles. Yes, that means only once did I actually land the sucker and get it back. The second flight ended about 30 feet away from takeoff when the motor mount tore out and shredded the pylon and canopy hatch. For the few brief moments when it did fly it felt very fast and responsive. However, after landing on the water it went radio silent twice in a row and wouldn't respond to any inputs. Had to get a boat to bring it back. So I got fed up with it, and sold it at swap meet. Suspicion later is the AR6400 Spektrum receiver with a tiny little antenna it came with was too close to the water surface level causing lost signal strength.​
NanoQX++ swapped the stock frame out for a Picnic Quads NQFX carbon fiber with folding arms, added an FPV camera and 7mm motors. Using a custom cut to length linear antenna to keep weight down. Great signal in the house and around the yard - lots of fun! Sold at swap meet.​
NanoGlimpse Flys just as great as the NanoQX, but takes video! Didn't really used the real-time video feed through the cell phone much though, although the recorded video was pretty neat to "document the flight line". Sold at swap meet.​
AP Rascal Racer (700 mm 27.56in) a speed demon! Fun to rip around with, sold at swap meet to make space in the hanger.​
FT Tiny Trainer my first foamy RC build and I put more batteries through this than all my other planes combined in my first year back into RC. Loved this plane - highly recommended for beginners or just relaxing flying. Eventually expired from morning dew (this was way before water resistant foam board), and parts were reborn into the Tiny Canard.​
Duet - I took off the decals and did a custom green and yellow warbird style paint job on this. Lots of fun to fly as a beginner, and I eventually gave it to the son of one of the guys in my RC club​
FT Mini Speedster really didn't have good luck with this one. After 4 or 5 crashes without covering 50 feet, I scrapped it :mad: The electronics moved to the excellent Das Little Stick.​
Puddle Shark foamy from plans off an RC Groups thread. It hardly flew at all - maybe 75 feet in 4 attempts. Ripped the parts out to put into the FT Mini Speedster mentioned above. :mad:
Kittenz Tiny Glider lots of fun to fly with my daughter and got me back into modeling after a 20+ year hiatus. Wing used in the Tiny Trainer above.​
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Nice to see I am not the only one with a lot in the hanger! I have been tyring so hard not to buy or build anything not already in the hanger, but some how, another one always seems to follow me home, end up in the mailbox, or on the porch. Mine is heavier on the multirotor side, but I do have a decent number of planks that I need to fly.



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Man that is a very impressive and diverse list of flyable things. I will probably be as bad when I have been actively addicted as long as a lot of you guys have been. I am only two and a half years in and have six flying things and two partial builds.


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Man that is a very impressive and diverse list of flyable things. I will probably be as bad when I have been actively addicted as long as a lot of you guys have been. I am only two and a half years in and have six flying things and two partial builds.
These flying things are like potato chips or tattoos. Can't stop at just one! :)


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Dude! After the move (mine) we should have a flight fest at your place and you could supply all the planes:black_eyed:.

Nice post with links. I'll have to make some links like that on the thread I started the other day about my humble fleet.


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That would be awesome!

The sad thing is we would all have to drive at least 45 minutes east, west, or south to a legal place to fly - and 60 minutes to the north :(


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Nice stuff! I might be available to exercise one of your planes once in a while :rolleyes:

I'm on the verge of busting a move and producing a couple of new ones.
Hey RockyBoy, I happen to own 2 ugly sticks. I learned that it likes a bit of throttle on landing. I usually tend to see it start to stall, then add a bit of power to it. Most of the time it works, otherwise I just get the timing all off, and have to jimmy the landing gear back on. Happy flying!


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Thanks - I love my Das Little Stick foam board model, but that Value Hobby EasyStick is just driving me nuts trying to get a decent takeoff. Once I epoxy the gear to the fuselage for the third time and switch my elevator servo out for a much faster one, I'll give it another go - I'm hoping that part of the problem has been delayed control surface movement.

Well, honestly I'm grasping at a straw here, but if I try it a third time without changing anything and expect different results, I'd be exhibiting classic symptoms of some mental problems... :black_eyed:


The root cause turned out to be the battery hatch magnets didn't hold the hatch closed and it would flap open once it picked up airspeed, which in turn caused a loss of lift and crash. Once I taped the darn hatch closed it flew perfectly! It now has a servo control horn latch and is a very solid flyer.
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Hi Rockyboy,
Stumbled across your efforts in the Aloft Taranis single stick forum a while back. At the time I had a new Quanum stick, and you mentioned you'd tried one but found one of the axes didn't work. At the time I hadn't tried mine. Well, I have now, and out of two Quanum sticks, none of the axes work. I have tried connecting a multimeter (set on 20k) across the output wires of the sticks, and not one of them changes the resistance. I thought I must be doing something wrong so I tried another stick I have, and it works perfectly. So I think my methodology is okay. I've since read that reversing the polarity on hall effect sensors can damage them, and 5v can also damage them. So maybe I fried one stick already (put it in a box and hooked it up to an Arduino 5v output. Comparisons with bulls in china shops spring to mind...) but I still have one pristine one.
At the time you mentioned you tried reversing the sensors. I've searched the forums but I can't find anything about how to do it. Could you please point me in the direction of some instructions or information about it? Maybe reversing all six of them might do something...
Belay that last message. I've now learned that if I connect my Quanum stick to an Arduino and do an analogRead, it all works. Sort of. So it looks like, for some reason, the Hall effect sensors don't work the same way as pots, or something, because the multimeter wasn't able to read any difference when the stick was moved.

I have also found that the stick movement values aren't that wide (around 400 for one of the axes, closer to 800 for another) for the raw alanogRead. so having 1024 resolution (or more) is of questionable value. I've tried adjusting the magnet position by rotating the small black ring next to the sensor, but have not managed to improve anything. If anything I usually make it worse. Still playing with it though. The stick I have installed in my transmitter box however still doesn't work at all, but I suspect dud soldering somewhere to be the culprit. Of the other three linear post I have installed in the box, only one works. So it looks like it will all have to come out again and all the wiring up will have to be redone. <sigh>
Cheers, Ian