RR jets powered the world.


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I don't mean at the present either.
When RR designed the Nene turbojet in 1944 it was not only the most powerful in the world at 5000lbs thrust but proved to be one of the most reliable too. Not surprisingly most UK plane makers generated designs to use it.
Indeed the concept of the double sided centrifugal compressor was such an improvement that RR completely redesigned the Whittle inspired Welland to increase its thrust by 60% without increasing its diameter as the Welland ii.
Pratt & Whiney were also impressed and built the Nene in big numbers under licence as the J42.
The truly astounding fact was the UK government allowed RR to sell a few Nene to the USSR with the prospect of a further licence but, surprise surprise, dear Stalin had no such intention and promptly ordered it into un licenced production. It powered what was to become the most advanced and produced jet of the era, the Mig 15.
RR went on to design a slightly bigger version of the Nene called the Tay at 7500 lbs thrust. It was never used by the UK but Pratt & Whitney gratefully took over the design and produced it as the J48.
All told the Nene and it derivatives powered planes for the RAF (Meteor), Navy (Sea Hawk & Attacker), US Navy (Panther & Cougar) and the USSR (Mig 15) all at the same time!
Although rather over looked by the UK with Chinese versions included total production of the Nene design probably equalled that of the Merlin.