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RSSI Indication with SmartPort and iNav


My setup - SPRacing Evo - R-XSR Rx - BN880 GPS - iNav Ver 2.0.1 & HORUS X10S with FrOS

• How is the RSSI value displayed on the Tx, is it via Chan 16, [[ note that the RSSI value (CH16 graphic bar ) varies as seen in iNav Rx Tab ]] or is it by SmartPort signal

• • I also noted, when CH16 is 'Disabled' via the RSSI Channel Drop-down the CH16 graphic bar still varies with Rx/Tx distance

Could someone please explain - I suppose what I'm asking is which signal is dominant Ch16 or SmartPort for the RSSI indication...joe


Eternal Student
The RSSI info that is displayed on your radio comes in via telemetry, this is independent of the 16 channels you transmit. The RSSI channel used by iNav and Betaflight is for display on the OSD.