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S1000 + Pixhawk Setup

Hey All,
Ive been trying to setup my s1000 .... but have had not much luck and in need of your help!

Tings i have:
S1000(octa)with motors and esc
Radiolink Tx Rx
6 cell Battery 15000mah
Pixhawk Flight controller with Gps 3dr , beeper and arm button

i just want to get it in the air, not much fantasizing about adding a cam or fpv on it just yet!

Where am i up 2?
ive nstalled it all together, setted the pix-hawk using Mission planner wizzard however when i do a pre run pre take off, the octa doesn't stabilize itself, example: i get 2 people holding the legs and ill have it in stabilize mode, they tend to bring it back and forth to see if the motors react to stabilize itself, it doesnt rather i get some funny vibrations from some motors. my only guess is i either have the motors connected incorrectly to the pix hawk or im doing the wizard incorrect?
any help much appreciated !!