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Help! Scale details for Spitfire?


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I've got a FT Spitfire that I've been flying happily for about a month now, and I feel like this airplane's going to stick around for a while so I'd like to pretty it up a bit. Two questions:
1. What spinner should I get to go with the C pack 10x4.5 prop? I've tried finding something that looks right on hobbyking and on the flitetest store/amain but I can't make sense of all the options.
2. Does anyone know of a good set of decals or stickers for this size Spitfire? I might just make up stencils and paint the markings myself, but if anyone knows of a good source for scale markings that would save me a lot of work and would probably look better.


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I painted my SE5 markings, I used a chalk pencil and compass to draw the roundels. The original aircraft markings were all hand painted with varying degrees of skill/speed depending on local conditions/repairs. Invasion stripes were especially variable, since they were applied in a hurry by units own fitters!


Maker of skins for foam board RC planes
I made some skins for the FT Spitfire. Includes a canopy.
All LR.jpg

I tried a 2" 3 blade spinner (pictured above) and a 2.5" 2 blade spinner. I like the scale looks of the 3 blade prop and the spinner probably allows for more cooling but I like the size/scale of the 2.5" inch. A 2.25 would be perfect IMHO.