Scale"ish" P-51 Mustang Exhaust

Scale"ish" P-51 Mustang Exhaust 1.0

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kilroy07 submitted a new resource:

Scale"ish" P-51 Mustang Exhaust - Exhaust stack with flaring for P-51 Mustangs (Scaled to fit standart FT Mustang kit.)

The Mustang is by far and wide my favorite airplane.
I wanted to add some details to one of my Flite Test builds for Flite Fest Ohio (2018) and came up with these.
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Slow down your prints a bit as the pipes can be tricky to print.
I have a .3 nozzle and set it for .1 layer height. Infill and supports aren't necessary.

Here's a picture of the finished article.
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