Score cut glued joints


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I have seen in a couple of build videos a step where a score cut is cracked open, filled with hot glue, and then closed and laid flat to cool. The latest example is on the P-38 booms, 1:16:40 into the build video. Just wondering why this is done. Does it add strength to the part?


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In the build videos They have said it does add strength. If it is a FT kit, They will score cut the foam and fold it to makes the shipping package smaller.


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I agree with @moret, they need to cut to foam to make is a size they can ship economically. What you have seen is them fixing the shipping cut.


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I wondered the same, moret and Merv about the shipping, but it appears in the videos that they "break" the score cut prior to gluing, suggesting that the piece was not folded for shipping economy.