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Scratch-Built Hammer FPV with GoPro

I scratch-built this plane I call the "Hammer FPV". The wing is the same as the Hammer 3D profile foamy except it's 2.5 inches wider and it's got a KFm-2 airfoil. Everything else is scratch-designed. It's pretty fast and wild. I had to put in a whole lotta expo to keep it flying smoothly. Here's a photo of it:

I also put a "dummy GoPro" camera in front (same weight and size as the real camera) while I get the bugs sorted out and thus not damage the real camera until the plane is settled and stable. Here's a photo of the dummy GoPro:

Here's my first flight of the Hammer FPV with the real GoPro aboard. I've got to trim some of the fuselage away 'cause it's in the view. I intend to later use the GoPro for FPV. I've already got the required cable, transmitter, antenna etc.

Thanks for reading and watching!