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Scratch built quad.


Junior Member
After cutting my multi rotor teeth with a tricopter I felt like giving a quad a try, and with all the ideas rolling around in my head I knew I wanted to build it from scratch. After finally finding a UK supplier of black G10 I ordered a few sheets and hit up hobby king for the rest of my parts which include a KK2 board, NTM propdrive 1200kv motors, and plush 18amp ESC's. My goal with this was to do something a little different design wise so I opted to have the arms at a shallower angle and pushed to the sides. This allowed me to mount the ESC's between the arms out of harms way. The arms are 10mm carbon fibre tubing and to help reduce vibrations I got my hands on some silicone rubber that has adhesive on one side and put it on any surface that had anything mounted to it on the arms. On the bottom is the landing gear / battery tray, and on top is a guard for the KK2 and on the underside of it is the RX. All the parts were designed by me and cut by hand. Anyway, I have babbled on long enough. Here are a couple pics, I will get better ones once I get it outside.



Misfit Multirotor Monkey
Very nice.

I just purchased a bunch of CF sheet and square CF tube to do much the same. :D

One thing I learned and took from David W, was the clamping between two plates thing. And I cross the design of the tri boom's hinged movement and the non-moving, fixed boom, by slightly separating the outer clamping pair of screws, and squeeze in moderately hard rubber like flat layers of 90mil roof EPDM or O-rings. It gives quite a bit of relief to the most likely snapping point from a hard crash.