Scratchbuild Single and twin EDF Jet recommendations?


Hi! I would like to scratchbuild an EDF Jet and I am looking for recommendations! I prefer planes with retracts I heard Flite Test is releasing their F14,F15,F16 and F18 soon, when would that be ( approximately ) and would they fly nicely? Im open to all recommendations and help!

Also, would this type of poster board work or are the poster boards used in rc planes named differently?

And lastly, I saw this F4 Phantom and I really liked it, but I dont know how to build it. Does anyone know where I could possibly get the build guild that would allow me to fully build the jet ( even if its a different plane build video )

Thank you in advance!

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I would pick from the community plans, there are plenty, search for edf plans in the search bar. As for the flite test ones, yes they will fly good, buuut I’ve been waiting over a year since they first announced/showed us these jets, I almost think they forgot considering how much other stuff they are throwing ahead of those fighter jets