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Se5 or dr1 for my first plane?


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If you have never flown before neither is a good choice, you don't want to be discouraged right from the beginning. Start with a trainer and work your way up. The tiny trainer is a great start.


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They were the first two aircraft I built, fortunately after reading the advice of my experienced colleagues I have not flown them
They are hanging at home, the Tiny Trainer that is the one they indicate as a coach did not help me much because even with little weight it is a bit fast
I started with one that they call The Fish V2 that is not Flite Test and that flies super slow, after a few days of departure it has returned to take out the TT and I already achieve controlled flights with it
you have it here



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I'm going to echo what's been said here. I've built many Flite Test designs and I think the DR1 is the hardest airplane to fly of them all.


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The SE5 and DR1 are cool looking planes, but not trainers. You need reflexes, muscle memory, and stick time to be able to fly them. Start with something simpler and more forgiving first: Tint Trainer, Simple Soarer or Simple Scout would be my suggestions.


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By your choices I'm assuming you really like multi-wing and want to head in that direction. I would download a free simulator, they are not perfect but give you a feel for how and RC plane responds and lets you try different kinds including biplanes. If you are set on multi wing and not too keen on the idea of conventional trainers,the article I linked earlier is for a biplane mod to the mini speedster that makes it a great plane for beginners. I would start with this or something like it, a biplane that flies slow and is easy to handle. Look around and ask around, I'm sure you'll find something.


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The DR1 is actually not that bad to fly, if you build it as light as possible and only fly in very low winds. 5mph or less. The SE5 is really hard to fly IMO, mine has smashed into the ground more times than any of my other planes.
Tiny Trainer or Scout are easier. The Scout looks a bit like an eindecker as well, so you can get some WW1 looks in.


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I will second (third) everyone's recommendations here... and will add, Don't be like me!

My RC journey started with a 2m P-51 foam BNF I bought 3 years ago...
(Figured that should NOT be my "Trainer" so) I found Flite Test and (like you) really liked the look of the Dr.1 and Se.5.

I bought both and here's how the maidens went;
You'll note BOTH videos are under a minute... It was a LOT of work for under two minutes of flight!

I didn't give up though (both planes shed their wings that day...)
and just recently revisited the Dr.1 (with the help of some friends!) after both my skill flying and building has improved a LOT!

Now I run out of batteries before I run out of props or planes, and that is a great feeling!

So my advise, heed everyone's suggestion and start out with the "boring" planes first (Tiny Trainer are the Scout are my favorites.)
Then come back to the cool stuff! (I'm still busting up Mustangs!) :rolleyes:

Oh, and Welcome!!
It's my favorite plane, it has always fascinated me
my avatar is the logo of the most legendary heavy metal band in Spain "Baron Rojo" Red Baron
I was their stage technician for 9 years


long life to rock and roll !!!


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I haven't flown those planes, but people say they're hard to keep in the air. If you like biplanes, you could try to build the Baby Blender. I have a modified version of it with a larger wingspan (800mm) and it flies perfect, I guess the normal version flies and rolls faster. Anyways, there are other planes like the Tiny-Trainer that are designed to be the first plane that you fly. Good luck in the hobby!