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Servos and other little odds and ends

I recently tried to build and fly a FT Mini Guinea and Mini F-22(in that order). I bought all the stuff for the Guinea electronics-wise. After several failed attempts to get it off the ground, I came to the conclusion I was a little to liberal when it came to applying the hot glue. Unfortunately, it was the same case with the F-22. So, after 2 failed attempts, I decided to stick/go with something I CAN'T mess up: a multi-rotor, so I clearly have no use for the servos, servo extension wires, as well as a few things.
WHAT'S FOR SALE(all bought directly from the FT store):
-6(six) 5-Gram servos: $2.49 per servo
-1(one) servo Y-harness: $1.75
-2(two) 6-inch servo extension wires: $1 per extension wire
-Other odds and ends(several feet of piano wire, control horns, etc.)
Any questions or comments, feel free to email me at marktanwalk9898@gmail.com
NOTE: All equipment is in LIKE-NEW condition: The only signs of usage is the stickers have been removed from the servos for better adhesion, a very small amount of hot glue here and there, and the servos' arms' holes have been drilled to a larger diameter to allow for easy movement of the piano wire.
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