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show suggestion - fpv pylon race

aus noob

Junior Member
I think it would be really cool if the guys on flite test could do an fpv pylon race around the tower and chads house or another ground marker. It would be really good if the tower were put to good use instead of killing more innocent scimitars and others. This might also be a challenge that bixler might not necessarily win.


Dedicated foam bender
Welcome to the forum, brother!
It would be better to use some other ground markers instead of the tower. You are liable to have more tower related carnage using it as a pylon. Helium balloons pulling streamers vertical would probably be a better idea.

Regardless of pylon type, I'd also like to see this in an episode. Facebook might get more response from the crew though since they don't have time to check out everything in the forum...


Dedicated foam bender
I was thinking of 3 or 4 streamers in a triangle/square on the ground hooked to larger balloons to get a kind of conical shape that should work even in a little bit of wind. Like a squat cone shape maybe 15-20' diameter and the balloon only 10-12' off the ground...

What would really be nice would be the red bull pylons!
That's cool, I'll second Roy's suggestion. But what are we going to use for pylons?
I think that if they're going to use swappables for the race, then rigid pylons prone to shredding errant aircraft wouldn't necessarily be a negative. Some of the guys seem to thrive on the possibility of carnage.