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Nascar loves to go fast, turn left. We do the same in our pylon setup even with speeds up to 180+ mph and ten laps. A 10 lap, 3 pylon race is usually over in a minute and a couple of seconds. Try this approach using general rules of pylon racing at one of your gatherings and I guarantee the interest in RC will increase!!!! Of course, you need to to use a FT foamy for the show and turn left.

Now let's CHANGE the rules and get 4 FT fliers to go fast and turn RIGHT!!!!!!!. Now do this for 10 laps. Bet you will see at least 2 or 3 that don't make the checkered flag due to midairs, crashes, or too many cuts.

If you watch many videos, you notice that most pilots turn left and fly straight, but it takes a mental discipline to keep turning right at the pylons when you add the excitement of racing and how close to the ground you can get.. If you think you can do 10 laps TURNING RIGHT, try a race with fellow club members. It will cause carnage.

So here are the general rules.

1) 4 FT pilots chuck airplanes at drop of starter's flag. Plane and motor/prop must be the same.
2) Set up two pylons (3 is usually the norm) a good distance apart and you have up to TWO CUTS before your out of race. Use a drone hovering above each pylon to notify pilots of a cut. 1 cut, you must do 11 laps to cross the finish line.
3) Use 4 different colored strips on wings for recognition.
4) Keep safety in mind so spectators and pilot's are safe.
5) Trophy is made out of FT foam.
6) Have flyoff if needed.

So, go fast and turn right!!!!!! and please make a video of that.

Like it, maybe you can demo say 3-4 races at one of your gatherings turning left!!!

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Here is a version where they use electric rather than nitro.

Here is the fast stuff. There is no throttle, so you either control takeoff, flight, bled off speed to make a 1 approach landing or you pick up the pieces.

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