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Show suggestions...


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great show guys, totally addicted and having fun building and flying the scratch builds with my kids too.
Cos you asked for this, I let my brain wander a bit:
Remote transcontinental/internet fpv flight - at the very latest when David is back in Sweden
Review of the HK wireless buddy box/dual receiver controller- I use it and think its quite cool
Worm plane that still flys when cut in two (or is that a cruel myth?!)
Submarine plane (you've been on the water but not under it - and if Q and 007 can do it, David and Bixler can too)
Harrier jump-jet - twistable ducts
Multicopter sky crane lift challenge
Speed build kit speed build challenge - (quickest into the air)
Flying carpet plane
Giving Josh Scott some proper lessons, and Alex's progress on the tri.
Flapping wing plane,
wingless plane....
ok dont think that would work... probably running out of ideas now.... ;)
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I like the Sky Crane idea. I'd actually like to see flite test enter Hobby King's annual beer lift competition. It doesn't actually have to be beer; it could be Mountain Dew. If they won, they could use the winnings to advance the hobby with kids, or simply use it to purchase more batteries for Josh to puff. :p