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Ultimate list of Show Suggestions and Requests

Hi everyone this is my giant list of show ideas that I brainstormed just today! along with some of the ideas I came up with yesterday. The author Carbon had a great suggestion to me to put all of my ideas on one thread as to prevent "clutter". Sorry if some of you great people out there already posted about some of the same ideas that I came up with, but I'm to lazy to check and see if some of the ideas that I came up with were already out there. Also I am a big fan of FPV so there is a lot of product related to it on the list. If you want to add anything or give advice(I'm new to this) to the list please say so in the a reply. Remember If us viewers want to see it though we have to call the manufacturer.

-Eagletree systems, osd, diversity, and FT's setup
-FatShark video goggles(I know that BMSWEB already posted about this but I wanted to put it on the list anyway)(preferably the predator v2 goggles since they're the newest)
-Dragon link UHF system (or any other good UHF system)
-New ground stations (seen in the Dive Bomb Drop challenge episode)
-Seb Art Mig 29 3d EDF thrust vectoring Jet
-Twinstar II (with your FPV setup)
-RCPowers.com EDF/prop-in-slot planes
-Hitec Aurora 9 review (I know bicyclemonkey already posted this)

Fast Tips/Projects:
-How to create an article (FT can show us how to post videos, make links, etc.)
-Flight box with components
-What tools and gadgets FT uses for repairs and construction
-Making a custom GoPro harness for FPV (sequel to basic FPV setup)
-OSD's FT could tell us about all the different OSDs there are and their advantages and disatvantages
-Wireing (How to make it clean) and AWG rating
-FPV sensor mounting and RX placement with video TX placement
-Lipo safety and charging rates
-FPV rules and guidelines (I think they might be being updated)(sequel to Trappy interview)
-portable runway something you can roll up and take with you
-Swapable 3d plane
-The history of Flight and what technology we have now
-Bixler Chute Build, you guys never showed us how to make it!:)

-Ultimate FPV combat, an all out carnage flown FPV to the death
-Squirrel Plane, parachuting stuffed squirrels a stuffed squirrel pilot flying a nutball! For Josh S.
-Swift squeeze, two pilons in which pilots push their skills to the limit to fly through the smallest space with a MS Composit Swift
-Multirotor obstacle course, fly through an obstacle course with a multicopter of your choice
-Motor glider/Bixler glide competition, see how long you can get you airplane to glide after 30 seconds of throttle after launch
-Rocket Plane, make/remake your episode of the rocket plane

Flying Montages/extras:
-FPV montages
-More behind the scenes
-Flashbacks and Previews

My new Ideas:
-Viewers should vote on what shows and expos they want FT to be at
-Viewers should vote on what plane is used for the Advanced FPV episode

Things/products/Stuff (I) we liked and want to see more of:
-Blender and Baby Blender
-Cinder Block Plane
-F-22 foamies
-MS Composite Swift
-FPV vids/setups (Simple, Intermediate FPV)

Once again please comment on what you think and what could be added/taken off. Have a great day!!:p
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