Help! Simple cub maiden, stall and crash... with video


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My son and I just finished his simple cub scratch build and took it for a Maiden today. It behaved very strangely, tipping up, acting tailheavy and then stalling into a steep angle crash. Video here:

The CG was where the plans specify, with a slight front tip.

I am wondering if our motor prop combo is acceptable for this size plane?

Motor: 2212 1000kv
Prop: 10x4.5
Esc: 40 amp
Battery: 1500mah 3s 100c

The plane is not too beat up and will fly again, we just want to know what to do to make it fly better next time.


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Did you try a glide test? If it glides okay then the CG is good. If it doesn't glide the CG is wrong.


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I have a Simple Cub and flew it quite a bit. I'd say add a little weight to the nose and it should behave much better. The Simple Scout is probably the best selling FT airplane? Regretably it isn't the best flyer. You should keep working with the Cub but when it ultimately makes its last flight, remove the gear and move it over to a Simple Scout. It is a MUCH better flying airplane.