Simple Cub


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Hey guys, just finished my Cub today. Looks great as a stand-off semi scale. FT flight pack C. I need to get a flight pack B to make it more docile. It hasn’t maidened yet. My flight stabilizer is acting erratic and I do not want to maiden it until that is worked out. I have very limited flight experience, in fact have never had a successful flight. I used to fly full scale, but I gave up my wings awhile back. Retired income doesn’t support it anymore. So, I want to dive right in and fly with my feet on the ground. I have the Cub and the Simple Scout, which is waiting for electronics to complete. I also have an almost complete FT Explorer, glide tests were a disaster. Rebuilding the nose section. And then maiden it. Hope I can get a successful flight out of one of these!


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