Simple Stick on Steroids.


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I’ve built three Simple Sticks to use as “Training Aircraft” for new students. All three are equipped with the Specktrum AR630 receivers with AS3X and Safe. I’ve changed the servo locations to the aft (outside) of the fuselage, added the landing gear from the Eflite valiant with wheel pants and a little bigger motor than the specs call for. However, my third build I took on a life of its own. I took the motor and ESC from the Eflite F-27 Evolution with heavily reinforced motor mount, and a 7X5.5 Master Airscrew prop.
I reinforced the edges of the fuselage with multi-directional tape, inserted pop cycle sticks in between the wing half’s which increased the dihedral by a degree or two. Then I used fiberglass cloth and two part epoxy to reinforce the two wing half’s together.
With the help of a couple of our club members we ran a couple speed tests with a radar gun to see just how fast this ship is.

First pass “84mph”
Second pass “87mph”
Third pass “86mph”

This was with a 2200mAh 3S battery. The power set-up is capable of handling a 4S battery but I don’t think I am🤪. Needless to say this thing is a total blast to fly. Half throttle easy going, relaxed flying or nail it and have a ball.
Great airplane!!!!🤘🏻


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