Help! Simple Stick build question/QC issue?


After my first build with the Mustang and subsequent repair I am working on the Simple Stick now.

Great build so far, but after following the directions very closely there appears to be a 1/8" gap in the wing saddle between the LE and TE. See images.

Wondering if something happened with the FT build kit mfg process or if this is normal. I imagine you would want a tight fit to prevent the wing from moving.

I suppose I could add/glue piece of a bamboo skewer or piece of popsicle stick to fill the gap at the front of the wing saddle (see pic) as it seems to be a good fit.





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Flying Farm Kid

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That is sometimes common with some flite test kits.
They usually leave tolerances in the kits in case you make it a bit to big.
It should not be that big of a deal, but if you want to you could probably put some foam or a popsicle stick in there if you want.