Simple Storch Aerotow Ka-8 sailplane


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Challenge: Setup the Simple Storch for aerotow the Ka-8

I would love to see the Simple Storch set up to aerotow the Ka-8 sailplane. I have a ParkZone SportCub which works ok for aerotowing the Ka-8 but it is a little underpowered. I am thinking that the Simple Storch could be setup as a very good aerotow.

John Russcher


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They attempted to do an aero-tow of a simple storch at FTFF, with . . . limited success, but the failings were not because of the storch.

The SS was built in too much of a hurry in rather humid conditions and, well, the storch eventually dragged the SS into the air . . . and released right over the RF black-hole on the NW side of the field . . . poor soarer didn't have a chance.

overall, a disappointing flight, but not the Storch's fault.

With the proper powerplant (and not even in the crazy-high-power region) It should do just fine launching something like the Ka-8.


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I missed that at FTFF. It seems like it would work well with the right powerplant. I would like to do this but I don't have a budget to buy and try several different powerplants.