Simple Storch Linkage Stopper For Aileron


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Newbie here building the Simple Storch as my first scratch build. I am almost done with the wing and in the last section of connecting the Z bend push rods from the control horn to the servo arm. Issue I am having is how to connect the push rod to the servo arm. The servo(Emax ES08A II) doesnt have any included stoppers and just has 3 screws. I am using the linkage stoppers from the Power Pack C Kit but they are just too big for the servo arm . In the build video, looks like Josh uses a different servo and doesn't show how he put on the linkage stopper. Another option I have is to just do a Z bend onto the Servo Arm, but would like to use a linkage stopper if possible. Any inputs will help as am kind of stuck at this point.


Just use a #11 X-acto knife blade or small drill bit to enlarge the hole in the servo arm a bit, not too much just enough for the linkage stopper to fit.


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Thanks Bob. Ill try that. Just doesn't make sense why they would include stoppers that dont fit the arm.

There really aren't any stoppers that fit the arm. The holes are designed by the servo manufactures to fit the wire and a z-bend. Stoppers require a larger shaft and the hole needs to be enlarged.

I use a small drill bit. But the x-acto will work. Be sure to not overtighten the nut and use blue threadlocker. It needs to rotate with the servo arm. I suggest tightening until it wont turn then backing off until it does. Double check it after about 15 minutes because the threadlocker will often lock it up again.

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I struggled with that the very first time as well. I just use the #11 to enlarge the hole each time. Drill bit would be better so that it is more consistant. I've made slightly too large before and end up with too much slop in the controls.

They are a crutch though. I've been forcing myself to bend the wire to fit make then final adjustment when you gluing the servo in place.
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This really helps around he RC building bench.