Elevator too loose


Hello everyone,

I just finished my FT Simple Storch and it seems ready for the maiden.

But there is one problem. The elevator seems too loose. Even when linked to the servo arm, with the push rod locked on, the elevator has some flexibility and this is a problem... I can move the elevator 20-25° without moving the servo arm. And it is difficult to know where the problem is from. Push rod too thin ? Servo with too much loose ?

Have you ever had this problem ?

Thank you



20°-25° is close to the full deflection of that control surface... can you add some pictures or a video?

I mean that angle was the angle I had to move the elevator before seing the servo arm moving.

I managed to solve this problem by puting hot glue in the hinge. Now it is more rigid and less flexible.

Anyway thank you for your interest


There was also an old FT video where they put a small drop of CA in the hole for the elevator control horn and let that dry. They then pushed the rod through, this took up the slack.


Hey ! Thank you for that tip.
That looks a good idea to remove some looseness.
I will surely try that.

Thanks !


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The pushrod might be bending. Does this problem only happen when the controls are pushed in one direction, or is it both directions?


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what he is saying is that the holes on the control arms of the servo and control horns are a little to wide and it causes play. you could use linkage stoppers or put some ca on the rods to make them thicker. have fun.