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Sky Drone FPV Indiegogo

I came across this Indiegogo this morning.

FPV over cell data network.

It uses a BeagleBoard, Cell modem, and Android/iOS/BB app to turn your mobile device into a fpv ground station. They claim that it can be a full HD video feed with almost no latency.

Skydrone FPV



Senior Member
The concept is really cool. But I wonder if the ground station device would be limited to those that have an LTE connection. That would certainly increase the cost. Also, you would probably need another wireless account for the Skydrone cell connection.
So as an FPV hobbyist, the additional cost associated with the LTE infrastructure would put it out of my reach.

But they really did hit the nail on the head. Because we all do this as a hobby, we tend to adapt technologies from other industries such as the security cam for FPV. They are actually doing the same; adapting the LTE infrastructure for FPV use. I would support their efforts if I thought I could afford the recurring costs after getting the hardware.
I just wanted to share the news that the Sky Drone team has demoed their Sky Drone FPV system with the Oculus VR set. Therefore, the FPV video of a drone/UAV flying in mid air can be distorted in real-time and shown inside an Oculus VR headset. Keep in mind that this is only the beginning of our development process for the Oculus VR - many more features to come (e.g. 3D, Headtracking).

Watch the Sky Drone FPV + Oculus VR video here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sky-drone-fpv/x/3767302?c=activity

P.S.: If we don't reach our funding goal we will still go ahead with Sky Drone FPV. While sticking to our timeline of shipping the Sky Drone FPV sets in December 2013, we will only have a groundstation app for Android at start. Other platforms will be supported later (free of charge). The only way to secure the Early Bird price ($349) of a Sky Drone FPV set, is to purchase the Early Bird perk before this Indiegogo campaign expires. If the funding goal is not reached, Early Bird funders will get discount information to order from our website later. We are 100% committed to our technology and we will prevail.*