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Sky surfer which battery?

I want a battery for my sky surfer but the recommended 1300mah 3 cell turnigy nanotech is out of stock in usa warehouse of hobbyking so is there an alternative that can be used?


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Just remember the bigger the batter, the more weight, the faster the plane will have to fly to carry that weight.

Most of your HobbyKing batteries are good these days. I don't hear of anyone complaining about a particular brand they carry anymore.


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The stock lipo calls for a 1300mAh 3s. Depends on if you are using a stock propeller as well. I use a 5.5x5 APC E and I always fly on standard 3s 2200mah lipos. The APC prop will give you a more stiff propeller and a bit more thrust. I have no problems carrying 2 GoPros. Happy Flying!