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Smoke Bomb on a Spitfire


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Cannister Smoke Bombs from Phantom Fireworks.

The very complicated holder. A paper tube with a slit in it and some velcro straps. The metal foil in the back is there to keep the smoke from eating up the foam.

Held in place by another velcro strap fastned to the plane.

Up in the air.

The specified burn time on the smoke bombs were 90 seconds. That was pretty far from the truth.

The graceful figure of David in full gallop is an astounding sight.

Reload time.

The orange looked the best by far.

Our faces as the orange smoke came on.

About 10 seconds later when the smoke ran out.


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Hmm I like it. Brainstorming here but what of you hook up say an "estes rocket fuse" so that way it will ignite during flight rather than launch


Rotor Riot!
I put a smoke cartridge on my Bixler once, it was a bit disappointing not to get super thick smoke as it's stretched out but it was really fun!