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Sourcing rubber bands


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I've been having a ball finally learning how to fly RC planes wanting to do it since I was a kid. I really enjoy building the FT plans and there's such variety that I feel like I have endless possibilities.

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This may sound like a dumb question, but where do I find rubber bands to hold the wings on? I had used 1/8"x3" standard rubber bands from walmart on my Tiny Trainer and those worked well enough apart from breaking on crashes. When I built a Simple Cub, the wing cord was too big for just one rubber band so I was tying them together, which would make them break more easily-- sometimes falling apart when I try to put them on. I picked up some 1/2"x3-1/2" and those fit better, but they're so tight I ended up bending the wing into an undercambered cup that also created some angle to the wing and made it fly weird. The next size up is 7" long which is too much. So where do I get like 4" or 5" good quality rubber bands, or I guess what size are people using on larger wings like the Simple Cub or Explorer?
Check your local hobby store. You need number 64 rubber bands. the FT website has them but they seem kinda steep. I think my box of 100 was like 4 dollars. I think they where hobbico brand.


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Thanks for the size, that definitely helps. Unfortunately, the two closest hobby stores are around a 40 minute drive each way so I've only been to each one once, and neither is very big. GetFPV is also in the area, but an hour each way. I'll grab some #64s at the office supply store and solve all my problems once and for all!


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I bought a 1lb box of Alliance brand #64 "Pale Crepe Gold Rubber Bands" and these are just right. They stretch enough to fit and aren't so tight that they force the wing to bow up. One pound is probably going to last me my entire life and was only $7 shipped for some reason, which is strange because shipping 1lb should cost $7 by itself. If anyone in Tampa wants a handful of rubberbands hit me up!

Thanks again you two for saving me from buying a dozen more different sizes before I found the right ones.


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Be careful with age and air exposure. Rubber does not like ozone. Most office supply places are dated stock. buy and use freshest. It sucks to pull up and watch the parts separate because of band failure. Ask me how I know.


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Also check amazon. I've gotten white ones, black ones, sometimes it's nice to match the color of the plane. They aren't expensive, so if I have a bunch of colored bands for other projects that's also a bonus.
Found a nice bag at the dollar tree, nice and strong (I made sure to test them before using them, they’re pretty strong!), and for only a dollar you get a hundred (a lot cheaper than other ones I have found.).


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Alliance brand #64 "Pale Crepe Gold Rubber Bands" have been treating me right since this thread was answered. I keep the unused bands in a ziplock freezer bag with all the air squished out and in their original box and they're holding strong and staying supple so far. For those who find this thread later, oxygen degrades the rubber over time which is why the handful of rubber bands in the junk drawer are just crispy brittle messes when you try to use them so keeping them in an airtight container in a cool dark place will greatly extend their useful life. Maybe I should be filling the ziplock with nitrogen too?
Dollar tree #64 bands work great for me too. I always try to Keep all rubber bands out of direct sun except while flying. Sum exposure killd them fast. If my plane will be in my car, I take my rubber bands and lipos with me