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Sparrow CG and Elevons question

My son built the Sparrow and we set it up with the prescribed CG 2.75" from the LE and it is basically impossible to control and has all of the characteristics of a very tail heavy airplane. After several attempts and sliding the 850 3s battery all the way forward with the nose only about half way on, it sort of flew okay, but we still had lots of trouble with tip stalls and basic control in just the lightest puffs of wind, what are others finding for proper CG on this airplane? I really want to like it, because the youtube flight videos make it look pretty fun, but ours is not fun at the moment.

Also has anyone built it without dihedral and just elevons for control versus the V-tailerons in the stock version, I'm just curious if that would help avoid the massive tip stall issues I've had when trying to slow down and glide in for a landing?
The V-tail does not act as aileron, it’s a rudder. If you set them up as ailerons, they will be backwards.
Actually the V-tail is programmed properly as elevons, per the build instructions because this is just a 3 channel plane, but it flies like crap right now and has all of the symptoms of being tail heavy. I'm considering rebuilding it without dihedral and actual elevons in the wing, which is why I asked if anyone else has tried that yet?