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Spektrum DX8


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Josh and Josh unbox Spektrum's latest advancement in radio technology. The NEW Spektrum DX8! It's loaded with features and they're ready to give it a spin. They take to the sky with the E-Flite Taylorcraft 450 to run the DX8 through its paces. Vibrating alerts, telemetry and a backlit display are just a few features explored in this review.



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hey guys.
i really like the flitetest review and i have heard many rumors that its fantastic.
i have held one and i really like the feel. this is important to me.
the only problem is i have heard it can have brown outs.
i love the $7 receivers on hobbyking but i have never used one.
would this radio be fine?
also im going to attach a lrs to it.
i think ezuhf. would it work great with this?
many thanks.


Flying Derp
The brownouts were a deal breaker for me. Part of the problem for me was that the DX8 takes like 2 seconds to get a lock on the RX after a brownout. I had used the HK Orange RX's with no problems with my DX6i but the first one I bound to my DX8 ended in the loss of the plane....glitch-o-matic!

For the same price let me direct to towards the Futaba 8FG Super...it's 14 channel and HK has Orange RX's.



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that does look very nice however it is a little too expensive.
so you say the dx6i does not have the issues?
that is a cheap radio. i dont need more than 6 chanels and aslong as it supports wing mixing and the ability to plug in the ezuhf than i think ill get one.
i have never used 2.4ghz before so i have lost a few planes due to glitches.
thanks for the response.


Propaganda machine
Dude, have a serious look at the Turnigy/Flysky/Eurgle 9x. They're an 8ch radio with full range, cheap receivers, full function computerised system, reliable and highly upgradable. The biggest upside is they're dirt cheap ($54+post). They're hot property though, and you'll have to backorder/preorder from Hobbyking or Leaderhobby. I don't know about Leaderhobby, but Hobbyking get a shipment of a couple of hundred units every couple of weeks.

If for some reason you can't turn up to your flying field with a known Hobbyking product, Hobbyking have Futaba 6EX FAAST with rx for $170-180. I am of the opinion that for value for money, Spektrum aren't the best out there...