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Stabalization on DJI slow to respond

Hi Everyone.
So I've got another 450 from DJI.
No GPS this time, just the Naza.

I'm not sure if my memory is playing tricks on me or if I really am seeing a difference with this one...
Let's say I fly the 450 away from me - nice and high and a good distance. I then pull on the stick and fly it back to me (in reverse). If I let go og the stick - it continues to fly (quickly) towards me for several nerve wracking seconds (at full speed) until it slowly rights itself and hovers (albeit with some wind drift because no GPS).

It seems to me that with prior builds it would right it self much quicker.

Can anyone comment on this? I'll have to check out the Naza asst. software tonight - but I am thinking that perhaps I should up the gains but I never had to do that before so I just wanted to see if anyone else had to do this as well with Naza before I start experimenting with it (the manual says it default parameters are ready to go).
The stock gains get one in the air. Every machine is different, adjust gains in order.
"...gets one in the air"... an amusing slash enlightening way to look at it. Perhaps I was naive to just assume everything would be great out of the box like it has been in the past.

I found with this build, I have a lot more "catch my breath" moments than I had with my 2 previous models. Weather permitting... I'll toy with the gains tonight and report back here.
Checked out the gains last night. Bizarre... they were all set to something different from one another (like 113%). Hit the "default" button and they adjusted down to 100%.

I'll have to start testing at 100% and move up from there. Couldn't do any testing last night though - it's been raining non-stop for around 12 hours now.
So the problem still persists. I've been in contact with DJI via email. They have been responsive but we are still working through the problem.

I tried to shoot a video demonstrating the odd behavior but viewing it afterwards, as I feared, it's really hard to the quad once it gets to any real distance - although zooming in while playing the video I was able to pick it up.

So to recap this is what I am finding :

If I just push the pitch stick backwards (or forwards) for a few seconds and release it back to centre, the 450 rights itself right away. But If I hold it for 3 or more seconds before releasing the stick (and having it go back to centre), the 450 will continue flying with that angled pitch for 3 or more seconds. In fact - it comes close to going completely out of control.

Near the beginning of the video I mention that it looks like it acts normal do it when it flies away from me (stick pointed forward) and it only acts odd when flying backwards but I was incorrect - I found that the same odd flight behaviour happens regardless of the direction of flight.

- If I push or pull the attitude stick for less than 3 seconds the 450 will right itself almost right away.
- If I push or pull the attitude stick for more than 3 seconds, the 450 will not right itself right away. There's about a 3 seconds delay before it slowly rights itself and in that 3 seconds it looks like it gets dangerously close to flying out of control.

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