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Stoopidmonkey RC 505mm RTF Quadcopter *NEW*

Stoopidmonkey RC is proud to announce our new 20 inch (505 mm) quadcopters. Our ready to fly (RTF) system comes fully assembled, and includes 4 motors, a set of propellers, 4 ESCs, a KK Pro flight controller all connected together using a 4 way power distribution board. All wire connections are terminated using Deans, and 3.5mm bullet connectors. The RTF system also includes a 6 channel transmitter, receiver, and a 5000mAh 3s 20c battery. All you need is a lipo battery charger, we can supply this at an extra cost.
All of our systems come set up and have been bench tested. Flight controller manual is included.
First person view/ video/ photography platforms can be special ordered.
We will build any size multirotor and configure them to fit your needs!

General Specifications:
Length to center of hubs: 14in (357mm)/ with props 24in (610mm)
Width to center of hubs: 14in (357mm)/ with props 24in (610mm)
Across to center of hubs: 20in (505mm)/ with props 30in (760mm)
Hight: 4 5/8in (116mm)
Motor size: brushless out runner 2212-1000Kv
ESC: 30A with 5V/2A BEC
Propeller size: 2@ 10x4.5 CW 2@ 10x4.5 CCW
Battery: 5000mAh 3s 20c
Transmitter: 6 channel with 6 channel receiver
Transmitter batteries, and LIPO battery charger are not included

$300.00 PayPal preferred

For any questions, or special orders please call Sean @ (760) 270-8538. Also visit our website http://www.stoopidmonkeyrc.com


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Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member

He's a merchant and not a private one-off seller.

The difference is in intended quantity ("I have this one to sell" vs. "I'll make/build/buy more to sell as long as there's demand")

I wish Sean all the luck in the world selling his custom built quads and gear, but he got it right the first time.