Sub 250 Gram Nano Goblin Mashup Maiden with Plans

Sub 250 Gram Nano Goblin Mashup

Wingspan: 22inches
Length: 16 inches
Weight: 235 grams ready to fly with a 3s 550 battery installed

Check out the video and plans for this awesome sub-250-gram flite test mash-up. This plane is an excellent flyer for a sub-250-gram plan. The plans linked below are a modified version of the plans submitted to the forum from JUSS10 Linked here.

***Maiden Flight Video***
***75% Goblin Mashup Plans***
***Motor Mount Link*** - FYI You need to shrink down to 60% I'll post an updated link soon. These will work but required some drilling and cutting.

1404 3500 KV Motors x 2
20 amp escs x 2 (I used 40 amp escs in the maiden video, but those are way overkill)
5 gram servos x 3
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