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  1. FT Goblin

    FT Goblin

    Not much of a paint job but enough to keep this little fast plane oriented.
  2. S

    Noob pilot/builder builds and flight

    Hello there, I just wanted to share a couple of my favourite Flite Test planes that I have built and really enjoy flying (Goblin and Mini Mustang). I started with this hobby at the beginning of September and it's been an awesome but also extremely frustrating experience. Just a tip for us new...
  3. kilroy07

    Part FT Goblin Nose Brace 2

    After losing my third nose, I'd had enough. This works like a charm! I glued mine in place using wood/gorilla glue BEFORE the wings were mated to the fuselage. Should print solid with 2 walls selected in your slicer (ADD Supports!) Let us know how it worked for you! Check out the video, I...
  4. MrFowl

    FTFC'18 WWII McDonnell XF-85 Goblin designed by MrFowl (Eli)

    Hi everyone! I've been parusing the forums here for a while now without giving anything back *evil laugh* ...but it's time I finally give back. That said, I've chosen to compete in a challenge that I won't be able to show up at :rolleyes: ...with a plane I might not be able to build. So this...