1. M

    Sub 250 Gram Nano Goblin Mashup Maiden with Plans

    Sub 250 Gram Nano Goblin Mashup Wingspan: 22inches Length: 16 inches Weight: 235 grams ready to fly with a 3s 550 battery installed Check out the video and plans for this awesome sub-250-gram flite test mash-up. This plane is an excellent flyer for a sub-250-gram plan. The plans linked...
  2. willsteffen

    Need help with Goblin flight

    Ive scratch built 12 Flite Test planes so far (so addicting). Almost all have flown great.. Maiden flight goes without issue.. Except the Goblin... This is my first plank/wing style plane. Build info: 2205 2300KV APC 6x4 (running 22amps WOT) 3S 2200mah battery AUW 17oz Throws about 15degrees...
  3. Joexer

    Help! Thoughts on FT Goblin Mods (Making it more of a LOS cruiser)

    So I've decided my next plane will be an FT Goblin, but I would like it to be a bit more LOS cruiser than FPV racer as it seems by default. I am almost obsessed with stall characteristics because I enjoy flying rather slow, hovering into the wind and the like. I also happen to adore the stall...
  4. FT Goblin

    FT Goblin

    Not much of a paint job but enough to keep this little fast plane oriented.
  5. S

    Noob pilot/builder builds and flight

    Hello there, I just wanted to share a couple of my favourite Flite Test planes that I have built and really enjoy flying (Goblin and Mini Mustang). I started with this hobby at the beginning of September and it's been an awesome but also extremely frustrating experience. Just a tip for us new...
  6. kilroy07

    Part FT Goblin Nose Brace 2

    After losing my third nose, I'd had enough. This works like a charm! I glued mine in place using wood/gorilla glue BEFORE the wings were mated to the fuselage. Should print solid with 2 walls selected in your slicer (ADD Supports!) Let us know how it worked for you! Check out the video, I...
  7. MrFowl

    FTFC'18 WWII McDonnell XF-85 Goblin designed by MrFowl (Eli)

    Hi everyone! I've been parusing the forums here for a while now without giving anything back *evil laugh* ...but it's time I finally give back. That said, I've chosen to compete in a challenge that I won't be able to show up at :rolleyes: ...with a plane I might not be able to build. So this...