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Suggestions for multirotor.

OK, so the bride has reclaimed Ber 650.. something about "getting your own" or what ever.

I guess I'm building a new one! Yay me.

My question, what are the best off the shelf ESC's for multi rotors?

Note- I do not want to flash them. Unless absolutely necessary.


Senior Member
Probably the new Afro ESCs from hobbyking. They're designed specifically for multirotors :)
I second that

I run tunigy plush esc's on my trycopter and they are great for off the shelf esc's but I have been inspired by dave to build a V-Tail which I will run the Afro's. the price is great considering for only an extra $3 the Simon K flashing is already done. Awesome deal if you ask me
I really like the simplicity of the Q-Brain for my quad. For my tri copter, which I am waiting for the arrival of parts for, I've gone with 12A Afro ESCs.


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
As I've said several times, if I were starting MRs now, I'd probably buy ESCs already flashed with simonK.

But since I already have the pin array made and the USBasp tool, I can save 5 or 6 bucks per ESC by flashing the awesome, but dirt cheap HK F-20A myself. However, I would only save 2 or so dollars per motor vs the Q-Brain, so that makes it almost a no-brainer...or should I say 'yes-brainer', to go with the Q-Brain option. :D