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Super Mini-Bee


Junior Member
This video (made by a GoPro Hero2 camera) is of an out of production Mini-Bee by Windrider. It has been HIGHLY modified to go above and beyond the brushed motor that was included in the kit.

I started with the basic wing, cut out a channel from the tail to the carbon wing-spar. I then epoxied a carbon bar in that channel and attached a stick mount for the motor, which is a Turnigy 2827-3800 motor. I cut in and sunk the the Castle Creations Thunderbird-36 in the right wing, and the receiver in the left. I also hollowed out a section under the battery tray and reinforced it with fiberglass cloth and epoxy. I then mounted thin ply over the top of that hollowed area. The battery is a Turnigy Nano-Tech 1800 (the 2200 fits too), and it sits on the thin ply, and the wires are tucked under the thin ply. The servos are the Hobbyking HXT-900 9gram servos.